What is a « Doudou » a « Ninin” or a “Nini”?

In France and many other countries as well, most children get attached to a special object at a very young age, and just cannot split from it emotionally. Most of the time, we’re speaking about a stuffed animal but it can also be a piece of fabric or sometimes an old blanket that is very worn and soft.

The origin of the noun “Doudou” (which literally means “Soft-Soft”) is more likely to be the pleasant and reassuring feeling that babies get from the special object’s soft touch. Even though “Doudou” is the most common, some children choose another name of their own like “My Ninnin” “My Nannan” and etc. In most cases, the doudou’s name is the one which is the baby’s second word, just after “Mommy!’