Hypermarkets: The Cave of Ali Baba to the French!

Most French people shop once a week. In working families one has a tendency to shop on Saturdays. In big cities, people often shop in hypermarkets (mega markets) but in smaller towns and villages, people would rather shop at the market place one or twice a week.

Hypermarkets are a concept born in Quebec (Montreal) in the 1930s, which was introduced in France under the name CARREFOUR as its first brand name. These huge self-service stores range anywhere from 100 to 200,000 SQ FT. They offer a very large choice of discounted products such as food, clothes, and other common household items. Hypermarkets are always located in the suburban area of a city. There is no hypermarket in Paris since the majority of inhabitants are single or couples with no children who prefer to shop in local stores.

However, there is this one thing that French people will buy on a daily basis: The French baguette. Bakeries are one of those rare stores in France that are open even on Sundays, early in the morning (from 7 :00) to late at night (to 8 :00) to offer fresh bread to its customers. In France fresh bread is a must!