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Our Classes from Beginner to Advanced

Students who are completely new to French start in the Beginner Level. Our Beginner Level course is designed to help students learn the fundamentals of French conversation, build vocabulary, acquire basic grammar, and work on native pronunciation.

Our Accelerated French for Beginners program is a unique opportunity for those of you who would like to reach a basic French conversational level.

In just 5 weeks, you will acquire the most important vocabulary and grammatical patterns to be able to make your own sentences and communicate at a basic level.

In Comprehensive French for Beginners you will acquire the same language skills as the Accelerated program PLUS a large inventory of the words and idioms French people use the most in conversation.

With the format of the class and the unique skills of our teachers, you will feel comfortable and speak with confidence.

Intermediate students continue building their French conversation and comprehension skills, expand their vocabulary, and refine their pronunciation in our Into to Intermediate course. Teachers focus upon grammar, idioms, and conversation. An array of materials (such as articles from French language magazines, newspapers, songs, and recorded dialogues) will be assigned. Once you’ve completed Intro to Intermediate you’re ready to hold a conversation about everyday life, not only in the present tense, but in the past tense too!

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This class is for intermediate students who want to speed up their progress .Whereas the stress is on conversation in both classes, the topics are different and the Thursday class (into to intermediate) includes some essential grammatical points.
In this 10 Weeks program, you will learn modern French idioms and be encouraged to speak spontaneously. You will have ample opportunity to interact with your classmates and the teacher and make noticeable progress in just 10 Weeks.

This stimulating class teaches you to use the future tense. Also, because we introduce modern French idioms and essentials of French grammar, you learn to speak spontaneously. Each session of Conversation Courante is packed with fresh topics, so you’re guaranteed to build vocabulary, master new phrases, and become far more confident in your ability to speak easily, naturally and spontaneously en Français.

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This advanced French class is designed for adults who want to polish their conversation skills in a stimulating, small-group, round-table discussion involving current events. Conversation Niveau Avance is conducted entirely in French immersion. Dialogues are teacher-moderated so that students understand nuances in vocabulary, pronunciation, and usage. Pupils are often handed a current, French language article with which to prepare for next class. For those who already speak with relative fluency but still have trouble understanding the language, films, songs, and audio recordings may be used to accustom the ear to the flow of the language.

Please call 212-628-2700 for a FREE evaluation before enrolling in Intermediate or Advanced classes
Our Essentials for Travelers class is a one-time three hour course where the student learns many phrases to help them on their travels to a French-speaking country. The focus is on language that the average traveler will encounter in the most common situations.

All of our group classes include:

  • Common greetings
  • Dining/Shopping
  • Banking
  • Medical help and emergencies
  • How to ask for directions and prices
  • How to reserve a hotel room, or table at a restaurant
  • How to order a meal at a restaurant

Please call The French Language Salon at 212-628-2700 for a free evaluation to find your best placement. Private lessons can be taught on-location at our school, or through Skype.