Private French Tutor NYC

Private Lessons In Person or On Skype!

Private Lessons In-Person

Take advantage of individualized curriculum with over 40 years’ experience! The French Language Salon offers private lessons, for students who would like more personalized instruction. After your evaluation, Director François Thibaut will assist you in selecting the course level that will best fit your learning needs. You can attend private lessons in-office, or remotely via Skype. This ensures that you will learn at your pace, at a time that works for you.

All of our in-office private lesson packages are made by the hour, with distinct price advantages the more hours you purchase. Our Skype classes are conducted in packages of 30 minute lessons only. Class dates and times can be planned to fit your schedule’s needs.

Regular Conversational Lessons Using the Thibaut Techique®
45 Minutes 60 Minutes
5-9 Hours $75 $95
10-19 Hours $72 $90
20-29 Hours $70 $85
30 + Hours $65 $80
The rates above apply per class. An additional student is welcome to join a private class at a premium of 25% per person, per hour.

How to Enroll

Due to the nature of Private Lessons (by phone and through Skype), we request that you call us at 212-628-2700 to schedule your lessons; so we can work out a schedule that works for both the student and teacher.